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House Of Natalia is the creation of a Sydney-based lover of all things fabulous and fashionable!

As all girls do, I've always loved wearing jewelry, and have rarely started my day without adding that extra bit of 'bling' to my daily ensemble. From a young age I remember trying on my mother's and my grandmother's jewelry, feeling like I was 'dripping in diamonds' so to speak. My guilty pleasure has now been passed onto my own daughter, whom I regularly find raiding my jewelry boxes trying on different pieces - so, I decided it would be quite fitting to name this business after her.

House Of Natalia aims to showcase a wide range of statement pieces that are on-trend across an affordable price spectrum. Being of Greek background, I am obsessed with the delicate design of jewelry from Greece and have reflected upon this with many pieces on this website.

I hope that you discover your own 'dripping in diamonds' feeling through this website and treasure your House Of Natalia jewelry just as much as I do.


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